AI & HR: Recruiting Automation

Arnie, W3’s recruiting bot

At W3 Cognitive we developed Arnie, a bot that interacts with job candidates and rates them based on their skills, capabilities and experience. Arnie conducts interviews and asks questions based on the requirements of each specific position using natural language. Thanks to Arnie the Talent Acquisition team can focus on interviewing only those candidates that meet the minimum requirements for each position.



From the applicant’s perspective, the search experience becomes more fluid:  immediate feedback is provided and automated e-mails are sent during the selection process.

Since W3 implemented Arnie our recruitment process improved significantly:  positions are filled more quickly. We achieved a more than 80% reduction in time dedicated to first-round screening which allows our HR team to focus on higher value tasks.










Candidate feedback has been very positive too: they see the bot as a innovative and practical alternative to establish a first contact with the company.  Since the bot can be integrated with Facebook Messenger, the interface is very familiar especially among younger candidates who appreciate being able to start the application process from any device.

 How does it work?

  1. Job openings are published on social networks and employment sites.
  2. Candidates follow the link and do the online interview at any time, from any place and device.
  3. Arnie ranks applicants and creates a short-list recommending the best candidates for each position. It can also feed the company’s Applicant Tracking System.
  4. The Talent Acquisition team interviews the pre-selected candidates.